4 Energy-Boosting Vitamin And Supplement Options

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Supplementation: An Effective Approach

While the caffeine in coffee or tea can provide a boost of energy in the morning, its function is short lived. You will enjoy a boost momentarily; but once it has been depleted, your energy levels will fall again, and you will be back at square 1. To keep an extensive supply of energy, it is essential to get proper exercise, rest, and good food. For those moments when a boost is what you need, supplementation is the most effective approach.

 quick energy boosters

1Vitamin B12 And CoQ10

You will need Vitamin B12 to kick your metabolism into high gear. However, it is not synthesized in the body, so you will need supplementation. Some good sources of this important nutrient are dairy products, mussels, clams, and red meats. This is a safe supplement with no known side-effects.

CoQ10 is what cells use to create energy. It works to eliminate the free radicals that can interfere with the cells' energy production process. When supplies are low in the body, it is easy to feel the effects of high blood pressure, sugar imbalance, and fatigue.

 quick energy boosters

2Melatonin And Ginkgo Biloba

When the pineal gland is not producing sufficient melatonin, the body can be deprived of optimal sleep patterns. Not only will this lead to the feeling of tiredness through the day, but can also adversely affect sugar levels. Poor sleep patterns can lead to obesity.

Ginkgo Biloba is a natural antioxidant that can improve the flow of blood when taken as a regular supplement. As the circulation of blood improves, more nutrients and oxygen can be taken to the cells where energy is processed. Inflammation can also be addressed with antioxidants.

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3Acetyl-L-Carnitine And Ginseng

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an important biochemical that acts to transfer nutrients through cells. Specifically, fatty acids that are used for energy production by the mitochondria. This is a chemical synthesized in the body, but a little extra in supplementation never hurts a deficiency.

The Chinese have been applying the potent Ginseng root in traditional medicine for many centuries. As an adaptogen, Ginseng can mitigate the effects of physical exertion, anxiety, and stress. Evidence of this has been observed in controlled studies on individuals with chronic fatigue.

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4Iron's Role In Energy

Glucose can be transformed into useable energy when there is plenty of iron. This is also essential for allowing nutrients to pass through cell walls. Here it is oxygen that is passed from cell to cell and allows for improved metabolic function.

For those looking to pack on pounds of lean muscle fat, iron helps with the development of muscle tissue and improved performance. Iron deficiency is a fairly common condition. If you have been feeling a lack of energy and motivation, you could be suffering from an iron deficiency.

There are times that energy levels will need a bit of a boost. The best way of adjusting your energy levels is by committing to plenty of exercise, good nutrition, and rest. If you feel like getting some extra help in this regard, consider enhancing your nutrition with supplementation.

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