3 Tips On Energy Medicine For Women By Donna Eden

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Among The Most Notable Books On Energy For Women

There are a lot of books you can get on the topic of energy rebalancing and alternative medicine. One of those, written by Donna Eden, is called 'Energy Medicine For Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality.' Donna is a famous expert when it comes to rebalancing energy, and has a few other books on the matter and 'Energy Medicine' is among the most notable ones. Donna's book has sold quite an impressive number of copies and been translated into various languages. But, in the end, is it really worth your money and time?

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1Key Features Of The Book

The book contains a lot of information on Energy Medicine and Rebalancing, all provided by expert Donna Eden. It's divided into seven chapters with a total of 347 pages. It is available in both Kindle and paperback.


2The Pros Of Reading The Book

If you're skeptical or frustrated with modern medicine, this can be a great book for you as it provides a nice alternative way to take care of yourself. It's not in any way a knock against doctors or modern medicine in general; it merely offers an alternative. Doctors will often prescribe pills or medicine with a ton of awful side effects, and some people simply don't respond well to this type of medication. For these, energy medicine is a powerful way to keep yourself healthy in spirit, mind and body alike. The book is a great resource particularly for women suffering from fertility problems and hormone problems, or going through menopause.

Even if you're skeptical or don't agree with everything in the book, it can still be a good read. It is under 400 pages, so it can be finished quite quickly. It has a good flow, too, so you'll enjoy it even if you don't exactly agree with the content.

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3The Cons Of The Book

Regarding the book's actual content, the biggest con is likely the fact that it focuses too much on issues that women face from adulthood until menopause. There is some content for women who are younger or older, but the bulk is unquestionably for women who are in their childbearing years. Another problem is that it doesn't do a very good job of explaining energy medicine for people new to it. Those who aren't familiar with this type of medicine are likely to find the terminology a bit confusing, so it might be best to begin with a few articles or a book that is more introductory.

  •  women's health and energy rebalancing
  •  women's health and energy rebalancing
  •  women's health and energy rebalancing
  •  energy rebalancing
  •  energy rebalancing
  •  women's health and energy rebalancing