A 3-Part Review Of The Portable Blender With USB Charger

Richard Hall By Richard Hall | Editor

Portability Without Sacrificing Power

One of the most common problems with blenders is the fact that they're rarely portable, and not so easy to use when you're on the go. This USB blender, however, promises to fix that as it aims to add portability in the mix without sacrificing power. The question is, how does it hold up when compared to other, more traditional ones?

1Key Features Of The Portable Blender

The portable blender can be charged easily by plugging it into a power bank or a computer. It has a capacity of around 1.6 cups (380ml). It is very portable and small but can achieve 15,000 RPM. It can be used about 10 times before needing a charge, which is quite good considering it charges on USB.

2The Pros Of The Product

There are a few nice positives about this blender. It does what promises regarding portability, as it's easy to take it wherever you're going. If you have a party or a barbecue at a friend's place, you could surprise everyone by bringing it and making everyone drinks. You could even take it to work and make smoothies a normal part of your daily routine.

Another big pro is the fact that the blender is very easy to charge, as it needs only a USB port to do it, and a lot of chargers can be used with it. For instance, you could simply grab a standard phone charger then plug it into our computer. Since basically everyone has a computer in their home, the blender can easily be charged anywhere. Last but not least, it is very easy to take apart for cleaning. Cleaning blenders can be a terrible chore, so it's very nice to have that feature, and it does make the cleaning process a breeze.

3The Cons Of The Personal Blender

There are two issues with this blender that should be addressed. First, it isn't very powerful, and will often struggle when it comes to blending frozen fruit, for instance. A lot of people like to use frozen veggies and fruit to make their smoothies, and this blender isn't very good at that. You'll likely need to thaw out frozen food before you throw it inside. However, it is quite easy to make things such as protein shakes.

The second issue is that this blender needs liquid to work properly. You'll need to add fruit juice or water before you blend anything. Some people may have a problem with that, especially if they like their smoothies chunky.