Your 3-Part Guide On Energizing Through Exercise

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Richard Hall By Richard Hall | Editor

How Exercise Choises Can Impact Your Energy

One of the most common reasons that folks cite for skipping their workout is that they are suffering from fatigue. However, this thinking goes against the reality of how energizing exercise can be for your entire being. The first thing you need to do is to quit popping bubbles or shooting distraught birds around on your cell phone and start planning.

In each of your cells exists a small energy factory known as the mitochondria. This particular section of your cells is essential to your well-being in multiple ways, including ensuring you have sufficient energy supplies to enjoy life thoroughly. Though cardiovascular exercises are fantastic ways to stimulate these tiny cellular components, you need to understand the various ways your exercise choices can impact your energy levels.

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1Low And Moderate Intensity Exercises

Interestingly, researchers have discovered that the best energy production occurs with only 15-20 minutes of moderate activity. One study indicated that participants experienced two-thirds fatigue reduction. This is with a boost of 20 percent more energy than before the workout.

If you have exceeded the intensity or duration of this formula, you will begin to tire yourself. This is because your mitochondria cannot sustain your energy usage. This is why long gym sessions can leave you exhausted!

 too tired to workout

2The Best Types Of Exercises

Exercises that stimulate your cardiovascular system are best for getting your energy-making mitochondria in gear. It only makes sense that you should choose activities such as brisk walking and jumping rope. You can also do bicycling to get your heart pumping.

To maximize your efforts, you will need to ramp up the intensity. You have to do this as you become accustomed to the activity. To reach your target heart rate, you might need to speed up the number of times you jump the rope, swim against the current or set your treadmill to variable angles.

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3Two Types Of Energy

Researchers have discovered that we have two types of energy: tense and calm. Exceeding half-an-hour of moderate activity will create tired tension that you will need to sleep off. You might even wake up feeling exhausted because your body still hasn't recouped from the overexertion.

On the other hand, calm energy is formed when you engage in light and moderate activities for 30 minutes or less. The exercise will relieve some of the tension you have stored in your muscles and support tissues. At the same time, the mitochondrial action will start pumping energy into your body. As a result, you will feel calmer and more alert, ready to tackle the world! Some great places to begin include yoga, Pilates, tai chi, ballroom dancing, dancing at home, and brisk walks!

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