A 5-Part Review Of The Top Yoga Videos On The Market

 gentle yoga videos
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best yoga videos

A Deeper Insight Into Yoga

Access to great yoga practice videos has been made easily available on YouTube. However, there is still a big market for professionally-made DVDs. These productions offer a deeper insight into the method as well as a closer introduction to the various poses and moves that make practice so effective.

And this can make things easier for those new to the activity. Are you interested in taking a guided introduction to the world of yoga? The following review will contain an overview of the top five yoga DVDs out there that can help improve the fitness of various practitioners.

 gentle yoga videos

1Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices

This DVD comes with a comprehensive listing of poses and over 150 minutes of content that's presented in a very user-friendly way. The poses have been divided into seven separate categories that each provide a different effect. For example, one section is dedicated to those poses used in the morning to stimulate blood flow and gather energy. Then there is a category that is good for those who are chained to a desk for many hours a day. The categories' organization is easy to navigate and lovely as well; the directions are easy to follow, and the visual quality is impressive.

The biggest problem with this yoga DVD is the basic nature of the exercises. This makes it easy for those entering midlife with less than optimal mobility, as the poses and moves will be gentle on the joints. By the same measure, it can make things too simplistic for those looking to challenge themselves and might not be a big enough challenge.

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2Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

This yoga instructional DVD features a well-known celebrity; the various poses are introduced and demonstrated by Jillian Michaels from NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser. If you are looking for the support of a talented instructor, this is the DVD for you. With regard to the content presentation, the progression is simple to follow and intuitive. You will begin with the first level and then move on to harder poses and workout routines once you have dominated the poses found within.

Those who are new to the world of yoga may find the poses and positions in this DVD a bit too advanced. Very experienced practitioners will find these to be both challenging and adaptive. Those who are not in the best shape should consider the challenge that mastery of this yoga DVD will require. For this reason, those who have not thoroughly prepared may find an uphill struggle when working with this program.

best yoga videos

3Yoga Boost: Beginner's Yoga System

Get ready for the "no-nonsense" approach to yoga exercises that is entirely different from what most people are expecting. As opposed to the traditional yoga styles that focus a lot on breathing, relaxation, and a positive atmosphere, this is a program dedicated to those new to the yoga scene who are looking to improve their physical conditions. This offers an energizing aspect to the yoga routine with an easy-to-follow progression system. You will begin with a morning practice routine, then move on to workouts two and three, which are focused on muscle and cardio; finally, the fourth workout is designed to decompress the joints and muscles after the other more intensive workouts.

Because this is a program that is best suited for those looking for weight loss support, it is not the best choice for those looking for the traditional approach. Furthermore, this is a very unconventional approach to yoga that traditionalists may find off-putting. The DVD could also feature a bit more content when you consider that half of the four 20-minute sessions are dedicated to wake-up or decompression moves, and only half of the material is actually dedicated to weight loss and muscle building, which means that the results can be slow.

 best yoga videos for beginners

4Yoga For Beginners And Beyond

This DVD is indeed plentiful in top-quality content; you will find over 40 different programs and plenty of use to be discovered in each one. Not all the routines are the same; some will take only 15 minutes to achieve a specific objective, while others will include an hour of more intense training. The interesting thing about this program is that it takes into account that not all practitioners are the same. There are different ways that each of the routines can be modified to fit the needs of the individual. This makes it a good option for those looking to keep their joints safe due to age or excessive weight concerns.

The first negative comment will have to be on the poor film footage and lack of flow in the DVD progression. For example, the instructor will be expounding on a particular pose when the scene will cut to an ocean vista and suddenly on to the next pose. Furthermore, some of the poses found in this DVD may be too advanced for beginners, despite being labeled for this demographic. This may lead to many people simply skipping over the poses that are too advanced for them.

 gentle yoga videos

5Easy Yoga: The Secret To Strength And Balance

This DVD is loaded with over an hour of top-quality content. You will notice that the poses have been divided into various routines. This special structure allows you to take two different approaches to the routines. You can do them one after the other or separate them to include other exercises in between. Flexibility is a major selling point for these videos.

The next advantage is that the poses you will find here are so basic in nature, and the most novice practitioners will have no problem keeping up. This will allow you to move onto more challenging videos upon completion of this basic introduction. Even those who are very new to the practice will be able to catch on quickly and move on to dominate these exercises.

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