3 Thoughts On The WODFitters Stretch Resistance Band

 wodfitters pull up assist band
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 wodfitters stretch resistance band

Resistance And For Strength Training

Weighted bands are a great tool if you want to intensify a run and build up muscle mass. You can also find similar things for pull-ups and weightlifting. Whether it's to help build raw strength or muscle definition, people use a device called a "resistance band" to help intensify their existing physical workout regime.

Resistance bands are also an excellent way for a beginner to get themselves ready for strength training. The resistance forces your muscles to work just a little harder, making your muscles react with a quicker burst of strength and thus tear and develop at a faster pace. The WODFitters resistance bands claim to be among the top models, but are they?

 wodfitters pull up assist band

1Key Features Of The Band

The WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band and Stretch Resistance Band both offer five different levels of resistance. Each one comes with its own color-coded identification. The bands are made of a material that manages to be quite thick, despite its flexibility.

This allows it to work for people of multiple sizes rather than being made with the expectation of a certain size of a user. All resistance bands break. But if they do break, they come with a two-month seller warranty.

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2Pros Of The Pull Up Assist Band

As stated, these bands give you an "in-between" regarding weight added to your workouts. A great example of its regular use is to give gravity a little more weight in trying to pull you down as you do pull-ups. Once you begin getting tired, you just unhook the bands and do one more rep.

While many people choose to do pull-ups, that's not the only workout that resistance bands can help with. You can add them to light stretching to force your muscles to pull a little harder. Jumping or leaping exercises can be intensified quite easily. And of course, any other workout that involves lifting can be heightened. So these bands are quite functional, no matter what your workout regime happens to be.

The color system helps with quick reference since, when you're in mid-workout, you don't always want to stop and figure out what band is useful for what. The company provides a helpful chart to refer to during pre-workout; that way, you can get an idea of what band you should use. They also have a feature that allows you to add multiple bands, so you can mix and match and create a workout that works for you.

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3Cons Of The Pull Up Assist Band

These bands do have two common issues. Despite being made of thick material, they do snap. The thing to remember is that this is true of every resistance band on the market.

It's not a thing you can avoid. Something that is unique to these bands, however, is that they can chafe the skin. When pulling over the bare skin, these bands can snap, and they can make you feel uncomfortable.

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  •  which resistance band is the best
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  • best resistance bands for legs
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