3 Tips On The HemingWeigh High-Density Yoga Mat

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 best yoga mat for beginners

Stacking Up Against The Competition

Stretching exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, have long been championed for their relative ease and affordability, and they now seem more popular than ever. If you're interested in getting started, all you really need is at least one good mat to help make your workouts a bit easier. There are a few requirements for the mat itself, such as general comfort and overall portability. With that in mind, let's see how the supposedly "extra thick," high-density HemingWeigh yoga mat stacks up against the competition!

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1Primary Features Of The Mat

The extra thick, high-density HemingWeigh yoga mat measures precisely 71 by 24 inches in size, which is quite large compared to some of the other options on the market. Fortunately, the HemingWeigh yoga mat is incredibly easy to carry around; this is because the mat has a smartly designed self-strapping system. The material itself is primarily comprised of a thick foam that does indeed offer durability and comfort. Each purchase of the extra thick, high-density HemingWeigh yoga mat comes with an included 2-year warranty, and finally, you can even pick between several colors; you can either choose teal, green, black, or purple.

 best yoga mat for beginners

2The Pros Of Using The Mat

Perhaps the best aspect of the HemingWeigh high-density yoga mat is just how portable it is despite the impressive size. Using the strap to hoist it over your shoulder and carry it around as you please is a very welcome feature. With this in play, you won't have any reason to feel overly hassled by even the most rigorous of exercise schedules.

As far as exercise yoga mats go, most of the key components one could hope for are in place. For instance, the large size will give anyone plenty of room to get through their routine. The material is comfortable to walk and stand on, and the thickness is more than adequate to make it work on a wide variety of surfaces. No matter the location or conditions of the room, your yoga and Pilates workouts will be well served. Of course, the ability to choose between several different colors to suit your own taste also doesn't hurt!

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3The Cons Of The Mat

If there are any downsides to the HemingWeigh high-density yoga mat, it looks as if the material might not hold up after repeated abuse. It seems like it is not as strong as it should be; this is one of the main issues of the extra thick, high-density HemingWeigh yoga mat. No one should be throwing their yoga mats around, of course, but some gradual wear is inevitable after some time of continuous use. By some accounts, the material of this particular model, supposedly "extra thick," high-density yoga mat, might develop tears a bit earlier than expected. The pros certainly outweigh the cons overall, but you should be sure to treat the mat with extra care just to be on the safe side.

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